Going beyond clichés has always been what characterises creativity. When we speak of customization we strive to go beyond a simple adaptation of the form and dimension of our products.



BESPOKE in Karpeta above all else is an act of respect. Respect for the client’s freedom of expression to whom we make our resources and cultural assets available; but also respect for technical requirements and their budget. Bespoke projects therefore become a stage for the client to express their creative talent. We concentrate on providing the necessary skills to make what our client desires into reality.


We work on the graphic project the client has provided or a rendering made by us based off of conceptual specifications from the client. We then consult with our R&D department to provide advice on the most suitable materials and technical application. After that, we proceed with creating the project. Whether it is a large contract project or a special piece for your home, we always seek to convey uniqueness and transmit an emotional response.